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Originally published Monday, April 5, 1999

Y2K seminar more like boot camp

On a gloomy Saturday morning a few weeks ago, my interest was piqued by an ad for a two-day Y2K Preparedness Seminar being held at Cal Expo. It seemed like a good rainy-day activity. Having conducted many business seminars recently on the topic, I'm always looking for new information and resources on the Year 2000 bug.

In the two large trade-show buildings crawling with thousands of people, I unfortunately couldn't find one booth relating to help or solutions for programming problems, PC readiness or overall business compliance. Instead, show organizers were apparently anticipating the Apocalypse. The hundreds of vendors present were hawking survivalist wares ranging from food supplies to scanning devices designed to detect mind-controlling microchips.

The underlying theme of this event was a profound distrust of the U.S. government and the end of modern society, as prophesied in the Bible's book of Revelations. Assuming you subscribe to this train of thought, there were some real bargains available. A two-year supply of food, for example, was offered by Momentum Marketing of Salt Lake City for $1,999, regular price $2,999. This seemed like a good deal, when compared to Provisions Now's offer of a one-year supply for $1,795.

There were no less than 100 food vendors with similar offers, all providing free samples of their tasty dehydrated products. As an alternative you could grow your own food by taking advantage of the "Y2K seeds" at the $225 show special price. If you prefer, 43 pounds of Survival Sprouts could be purchased for a mere $100.

Just about all your survival needs could be met here. Among the products available: generators, vacuum sealing pumps, colloidal silver, magnet-powered flashlights, water barrels, purifiers, filters, siphon pumps, hand pumps, solar ovens, wind generators, vitamins, therapeutic magnets, Israeli gas masks, night-vision equipment, magnesium fire starters, omni-spheres, cookware, food pellets, and an endless supply of books, tapes and videos. Food-planning software was available to help plan, budget and rotate food storage, but this booth seemed oddly out of place.

Financial planners also were on hand to convert all your assets to silver and gold or create family corporations and tax shelters in Nevada. The Militia of Montana encouraged participants to arm themselves, while Randy Weaver sold and signed his book regarding the Ruby Ridge standoff. A religious group issued warnings about Bill Clinton's secret police called the "Dixie Mafia," a theme of underlying government corruption which was reinforced by speaker Bo Gritz.

Among the many guest speakers, Kurt Billings, lectured on the government's use of psychosurgery and electronic mind-control devices designed to reprogram the human personality. He outlined the historic use of mind control since Babylonian times to convince listeners that a "secret society of Luciferians" will create a global dictatorship by the year 2000. Included in this list of "Satanists" are politicians throughout history and rich corporate executives. Billings' books, videos and handouts were all for sale.

Fortunately, there was a vendor selling scanners that could detect these secretly implanted microchips. Additionally, to help you combat the government's subliminal mind control tactics, Reverse Speech Enterprises Inc. sold audio-reversing machines and courseware teaching translation techniques to combat these demonic messages.

For anyone interested, e-mail me for address, phone number, e-mail and/or Web-site information on the aforementioned resources. My advice: Don't take Y2K preparedness to such an extreme, or you'll end up with a lot of expensive camping equipment.

Cathi Schuler owns a computer literacy training/consulting company, Cee Prompt! She is a co-author of computer textbooks and can be reached by e-mail at cschuler@uop.edu or cschuler@ceeprompt.com or by mail c/o The Record, P.O. Box 900, Stockton, CA 95201. She is on the Internet at: http://www.ceeprompt.com. Click here for past archived columns.

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