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Building a better 'StocktoNet'

by Cathi Schuler

Stockton has a long tradition of volunteerism and benevolence stemming from every niche and neighborhood in this community. Individuals and institutions have donated countless hours and dollars in an effort to support worthy causes and polish the overall image of "Someplace Special". Now, that same spirit of goodwill and a commitment to a better Stockton has arrived in cyberspace as well.

The Stockton Community Web Page Project is a community service that provides free Internet access and World Wide Web page publication to non-profit Stockton-based groups and organizations. The Community Web Page Project exists under the umbrella of, StocktoNet.com a local Internet site that indexes locations on the World Wide Web that have some reference to, or connection with the city of Stockton, California. StocktoNet.com was started as community effort by local attorney Peter Rausch and InReach Internet.

Already the Community Web Page Project is home to the Stockton-San Joaquin Convention and Visitors Bureau, the Stockton Asparagus Festival, the Stockton Women's Network and the Stockton Opera Association's upcoming performance of Ariadne auf Naxos. Soon the Business Leadership Summit will have a place on this site as well.

With the upcoming Asparagus Festival in April, you'll be able to check-out the entertainment schedule or see what time the Festival starts on Friday, April 26th, by contacting their website at http://www.stocktonet.com/groups/asparagus. This site will include all the schedules for the three-days festivities.

Perhaps you're interested in opera? At http://www.stocktonet.com/groups/stockton_opera you'll learn that the Stockton Opera is staging a benefit performance for the Haggin Museum of Richard Strauss' Ariadne Auf Naxos on March 1 & 2. Information on tickets, location and a special reception is available at this web site. Business women as well a women entrepreneurs can network on ideas and opportunities through the Stockton Women's Network . Information regarding this resource can be found at http://www.stocktonet.com/groups/swn

Of particular interest to all groups and organizations will the be the Community Calendar of Events. This calendar will be maintained and updated regularly by StocktoNet.com in cooperation with the Stockton-San Joaquin Convention and Visitors Bureau http://www.stocktonet.com/groups/sscvb. Community groups and organizations are encouraged to submit their scheduled events in writing to the Convention Bureau or to StocktoNet.com by simply filling out an online e-mail form. What a great way to avoid scheduling conflicts with other groups!

With the establishment of a community web site the Stockton-San Joaquin Convention and Visitors Bureau hopes to better market Stockton and San Joaquin County to the rest of the world via this Internet connection. Soon, web browsers will be able to view a pictorial essay highlighting the Delta, agriculture, business and recreation in the valley, along with information regarding conventions, travel and tourism.

You can even find ME referenced in Stocktonet's Internet Directory and also as a Sponsor of the Community Web Page Project. Yes... I finally have my own web site, http://www.ceeprompt.com, where I have archived the last year of my columns from The Record Computer Connection. Follow the links from my home page to The Computer Connection for an index of all articles dating back to January 1995. Anything older than that is ancient history in this industry.

Any business, group, individual or organization that already has a web site can submit their link for StocktoNet to rausch@stocktonet.com to be included in this compilation of Stockton's Internet resources Non-profit groups and organizations seeking a presence on the Internet can contact Peter Rausch at the above e-mail address or can e-mail me at cschuler@ceeprompt.com

As a longtime volunteer and supporter of this community, I applaud the efforts of StocktoNet.com and InReach for having the vision and generosity to bring the Community Web Page Project to life here in Stockton. Certainly their efforts at creating a greater connectivity and sense of togetherness in our town is greatly appreciated.

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